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Business Financial Coaching Package

With this business coaching experience, you'll learn how to manage your money like a BOSS. We'll look beyond the accounting to all of the areas that affect your business bottom line. We'll co-create a custom Prosperity Plan to take your business confidently into the future.

Financial Lifeguard On Duty Program

You’ve completed your six-month financial coaching journey with me – congrats! You’ve improved your relationship with money and made some great strides to your preferred financial future. Now that you’ve rescued your financial dignity, let’s make sure it stays that way!

30-Day Coaching Intensive

The 30-Day Coaching Intensive for super-motivated professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to tackle their money issues head-on so they can see MASSIVE results FAST.

Financial Fine Tuning Coaching Package

One-on-one coaching with the Financial Lifeguard is for you if: * You're a high-earning professional or business owner * You're ready to trade your anxiety and money shame for confidence and financial dignity I understand the fear, shame, and anxiety my clients feel when they’re struggling with finances, because I’ve been through it myself. It’s a privilege for me to walk with my clients through their emotional money messes with understanding, not judgment.

Financial Dignity on Demand

Are you tired of restrictive, unrealistic budget programs and cookie-cutter financial approaches that don’t fit your lifestyle? The Financial Dignity on Demand Program harnesses the power of your emotions around money, rather than fighting against them. You’ll learn how to master your money, once and for all!

Financial Dignity After Divorce

If you’re experiencing money shame or anxiety due to the breakup of your marriage or long-term relationship, my Financial Dignity After Divorce program will empower you to recover a positive and peaceful relationship with your money. You might be feeling alone, overwhelmed, and confused about handling money (and life) on your own. You may even feel like a failure at having to start over. I know, because I’ve been there, too!

Manage Money Like a Boss Collective

The Manage Money Like a Boss Collective is THE monthly membership group for self-employed creatives who want to succeed financially in their businesses. The Collective includes 2 monthly webinar trainings on a variety of money and business topics, a Facebook group for community and support, and a host of other resources to ensure success.

Master Your Money Power Pack

The Master Your Money Power Pack is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to get their money sh*t together once and for all!

Women: Unlock Your Financial Power

Ladies, you already have the power within you! I’m going to show you the keys to unlock it in this 6 day challenge. This interactive experience will increase your financial confidence, raise your earning potential, and move you closer to mastering your money in just 6 short days!