Time Management Power Pack

Time is money, so learn how to manage it like a pro! If you are a busy, busy, busy professional or business owner, the Time Management Power Pack is for YOU!

These video trainings and tools will show you how to tame your To-Do list, delegate like a boss (even if you don't have employees), and set healthy boundaries with others regarding your time. You'll transform from busy, exhausted, and overworked to purposeful, peaceful, and productive!

Includes the life-changing, DO-DELEGATE-DELETE Exercise that has saved me over 260 hours this past year!

Here's What's Included:

  • Time is Money: Master It! Video Training. You'll learn to master your most precious resource: time. We discuss utilizing personal peak times, time blocking, avoiding time leeches and distractions, and carving out time to manage your money.
  • Delegating Like a Boss Video Training. You'll learn a fool-proof method for figuring out exactly what needs to be delegated and guidelines for communicating with and managing those employees or vendors to whom you're delegating. 
  • FREE BONUS: Creating Healthy Boundaries in Your Business Video Training. Conflict management expert, Beth Silvers, provides clear guidance on healthy boundaries business owners need around their time and money. Includes a script for having healthy boundaries conversations!

Don't just complain about not having enough time, DO something about it!

A $597 Value - You Pay Only $147! 

Course Syllabus

Time is Money: Master It!

Delegating Like a Boss

BONUS - Creating Healthy Boundaries in Your Business

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