Manage Money Like a Boss Video Course

Hey there, Entrepreneur!

You’re living the dream of being your own boss and charging for your talent! Congrats! That’s a HUGE step! The only problem…

Managing your business finances is a serious drag, isn’t it?

Accounting is confusing... Taxes are scary! And most financial experts you know are intimidating. (Are they speaking another language?)

Do you ever wish there was a safe – and dare I say FUN – place to get plain-English advice about business & money? A place that celebrates your creativity while helping you become financially savvy?

I’ve created the Manage Money Like a Boss Video Course for small biz owners just like you!

Hi, I’m Christine Luken, the Financial Lifeguard, speaker, and author. Like you, I’m a creative entrepreneur AND I also happen to be pretty good with numbers. A unique combination, right?

I speak your language – and I’m going to demystify money for you so it can become your best employee, rather your worst nightmare.

This course is all about empowering you to manage your business and money like a boss, especially if you struggle with math and finances.


  • 12 video trainings from me on a variety of financial topics in a way that’s interesting, impactful, and relevant to your business.
  • 8 video trainings from my hand-picked experts in the fields of banking, taxes, sales, conflict management, marketing, and mindset.
  • 2 bonus mini-courses: Collecting Money with Class & Creative Cold Calling
  • Bonus guide, Accounting & Financial Statement Basics
  • Downloadable exercises, scripts, tools, and financial templates.
  • A collective of like-minded creative entrepreneurs for community, support, and accountability via members-only Facebook group. Get your questions answered by me directly in the group!


  • Accounting in Plain English
  • Money: Your Best Employee
  • Creating a Budget that Works for Your Business
  • Turn on the Cash Flow
  • Time is Money: Master It
  • Delegating Like A Boss
  • Pricing Your Products & Services
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Getting Free Press for Your Biz
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Avoiding Regret in the Pursuit of Success
  • Networking Like a Boss
  • Banking Basics
  • Getting More Clients You Love
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries in Your Business
  • 2019 Tax Update
  • Put the Sizzle in Your Sales Message
  • Collecting with Class
  • Creative Cold Calling
  • Self-Care for the Self-Employed

Course Syllabus

Bonus Resources

As soon as you enroll you have access to: * Personal Financial Success Resources * Collecting with Class Mini-Course * Creative Cold Calling Mini-Course * Accounting & Financial Statement Basics

Video Training Vault

Every bi-monthly webinar is recorded and added here for you to watch anytime! As soon as you join the Collective, you'll have immediate access to hours of valuable training, including such topics as: Creating a Budget that Works for Your Business, Networking Like a Boss, Turn on the Cash Flow, Getting More Clients You LOVE, and more!
Christine, thank you so much for the Manage Money Like a Boss Video Course. Our business has navigated a lot of growing pains this year, and finances have been the single largest obstacle. We’ve been fortunate to not struggle financially, but we’ve also known that we needed to get a better understanding of where our money was coming from and going to now before it’s too late. I did not even know what questions to ask and I certainly didn’t have time! But you’ve provided bite size, actionable insight that is moving us forward. Thank you! — Charlene Hegge, Owner - SEO Unpacked
I absolutely love the work I do as an entrepreneur, but the financial side feels icky and terrifying. Christine Luken made me realize that by not managing the business side of things well, I'm not fulfilling my calling to the best of my ability. If your entrepreneurial calling needs a kick in the pants, I encourage you to check out the Manage Money Like a Boss Video Course. You might be surprised at how you can step more fully into your calling when you begin to steward EVERY part of it well! — H.R. Hutzel, Best Selling Author & Speaker

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