Financial Dignity After Divorce

If you’re experiencing money shame or anxiety due to the breakup of your marriage or long-term relationship, my Financial Dignity After Divorce program will empower you to recover a positive and peaceful relationship with your money.

You might be feeling alone, overwhelmed, and confused about handling money (and life) on your own. You may even feel like a failure at having to start over. I know, because I’ve been there, too!

This 30 day online program is designed to help people just like you to:

  • Manage your personal finances with ease and certainty
  • Permanently improve money mindsets
  • Identify your emotional money hot buttons
  • Release the money baggage from your previously relationship
  • Develop healthy money behaviors to carry you into the future
  • Feel grounded, confident, and in control again

Each Daily Lesson Includes:

5 - 10 Minute Teaching via Audio

Written Summary of Key Points 

Journal Questions to Reflect and Apply Each Lesson to Your Life

INVESTMENT ONLY $197 (Or two monthly payments of $107)

 7-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

BONUS: You’ll receive a FREE copy of my e-book Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet. This book contains all the financial strategies you’ll need to ensure your continued success after completing the Financial Dignity After Divorce Program.


How can I afford this program if I’m already struggling financially? The value you’re receiving for this program vastly exceeds the investment. My one-to-one coaching clients pay almost 10 times that amount for my advice! I’m also offering a 2-payment option if you need it. Why? Because I really want to help you avoid the expensive and emotional money mistakes that are common in the wake of divorce.

Is this program just for women? No way! Dudes will find value here, too. In fact, it's for individuals of any gender.

Is this program appropriate for an unmarried person leaving a long term relationship? Absolutely! If you were in a long-term committed relationship and were "financially entangled" with your ex, this program is for you!

In short, whether you're a man or woman, straight or gay, legally married or not, if you’re experiencing money shame or anxiety due to your breakup, my Financial Dignity After Divorce program will empower you to recover a positive and peaceful relationship with your money.

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Course Syllabus

Financial Fallout of Your Divorce

We'll examine the financial fallout of your divorce or breakup to uncover the root of your money pain, so we can heal it.

Money Thoughts, Words, & Emotions

Your money words, thoughts, and emotions drive your actions. I'll show you proven techniques to upgrade your money mindset for lasting positive change.

Dangerous Emotional Money Behaviors

We'll examine dangerous emotional money behaviors that can poison your finances. Learn how to spot them and remove them from your life.

Your Relationship with Money

Did you know that you have a relationship with money? Well, you do! And I'll show you how to make sure that you and money are best friends.

Managing Your Money

It's time to learn the practical nuts and bolts of making money work for you and not against you. Don't worry, I make the process simple and painless!

Love & Money

At some point in the future, you'll decide to open yourself up to love again. When you do, you'll be fully prepared to invite your new love into your healthy relationship with money.

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