Financial Dignity on Demand

Are you tired of restrictive, unrealistic budget programs and cookie-cutter financial approaches that don’t fit your lifestyle?

If you’ve tried another personal finance program in the past, and failed to stick with it, it’s honestly not your fault. Most of them are missing a very key ingredient: the emotional side of money.

What makes my Financial Dignity on Demand program unique is that it harnesses the power of your emotions around money, rather than fighting against them. Most people don’t even realize they have a relationship with money! And if it’s not a positive one, financial tips and tricks will not provide permanent change in your money situation.

BUT, when you add a positive money mindset to sound financial strategies that harness your powerful emotions, it creates a recipe for lasting success.

You’ll learn how to create your own personalized prosperity plan to achieve your unique money goals, all without cutting up your credit cards or eating beans and rice.

Most importantly, you’ll discover proven techniques for sticking with your prosperity plan for the long term.

So, if you are ready to say goodbye to money stress and hello to lasting financial dignity, this program is for YOU.

When you finish Financial Dignity on Demand, you’ll have the confidence and the tools you need to achieve your financial goals, even as your life and money situation changes and evolves.

There are 7 Modules Encompassing Every Area of Personal Finance:

  • Your Relationship with Money 
  • Your Personalized Prosperity Plan
  • Master Your Spending
  • Debt Free Living
  • Emotionally Charged Savings
  • Money & Relationships
  • Lasting Financial Dignity

Here's What's Included:

  • 35 Core Content video lessons (15 minutes or less)
  • 12 bonus video and audio lessons
  • 7 Downloadable PDF Workbooks 
  • Prosperity Plan Worksheets
  • Membership to a private Facebook group for ongoing education & encouragement

Investment Only $497 or 4 Monthly Payments of $147!

Watch the first lesson for free HERE. 

Course Syllabus

Your Relationship with Money

Money can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. The lessons in this module are all about cultivating a positive relationship with your money.

Your Personalized Prosperity Plan

Creating a personalized prosperity plan is the key to rescuing your financial dignity once and for all!

Master Your Spending

It's hard to save money and pay off debt if you don't have control over your spending. The lessons in this section will show you how to master your spending and direct more of it to what's really important to you!

Debt Free Living

Carrying around excessive debt puts a strain on you financially and emotionally. You'll learn how to create a debt reduction plan for your specific situation.

Emotionally Charged Savings

It's hard to make ourselves save money for the future when we try to depend on willpower alone. Learn how to use the power of emotion and habit to easily achieve your savings goals!

Money & Relationships

Money has the potential to be a source of contention in our relationships, but it doesn't have to be! You'll learn how to set healthy financial boundaries and communicate better with your loved ones about money.

Lasting Financial Dignity

Getting financially healthy is only half of the equation; the other half is STAYING that way! You'll learn the skills for navigating life changes that affect your money and how to stay on track with your Prosperity Plan for the long term.
For the first time in our marriage, my husband and I are actually communicating about money and discussing our goals for the future! — Tracy H, Wife, Mom, & Entrepreneur

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