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Fixing your money situation doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Small improvements made over time multiply to make a HUGE difference in your finances. By making one small change a week, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your money and becoming a financial success!

Your finances might seem like they’re a hot mess right now. I know that’s scary and overwhelming, because I’ve been in your shoes myself. Just like a messy house, the best way to tackle the cleanup job is one drawer, one closet, one room at a time. 

Or maybe you just need some financial fine tuning, and you want encouragement and accountability to make those changes and stay on track.

What makes my Financial Dignity on Demand membership unique is that it harnesses the power of your emotions around money, rather than fighting against them. And we make one small, positive money change each and every week.

I’ll show you how to repair your relationship with money a little bit at a time, in a way that’s easy, not overwhelming!


  • Immediate access to 2 foundational lessons + your Prosperity Plan worksheets
  • Weekly Money Monday email with a video lesson (about 10 minutes) + worksheet
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and motivation
  • Monthly live training with Christine Luken, the Financial Lifeguard. We'll go deeper with the lessons and I'll answer your burning money questions in a safe, private environment.
  • Access to discounted "Office Hours" with the Financial Lifeguard for laser-focused 1:1 coaching by the hour

I’ll show you how to cultivate a positive money mindset + give you sound financial strategies that harness your powerful emotions. This creates a recipe for lasting success.

So, if you are ready to say goodbye to money stress and hello to lasting financial dignity, this membership group is for YOU.

As a member of the Financial Dignity on Demand membership group, you’ll gain the confidence and tools you need to achieve your financial goals, even as your life and money situation changes and evolves!


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Course Syllabus

Foundational Lessons

My husband and I didn’t communicate regularly about our money. He took care of most of the details and I often felt out of the loop. From the very first lesson, the Financial Dignity on Demand program stimulated magical conversations about money! I was better able to understand my husband’s views and feelings about money. This put us on the same page and we have been successfully moving forward ever since. We work more as a team now, confidently running towards our financial goals. All our credit cards will be paid off this year!! Woo Hoo!!!! — Tracy H, Wife, Mom, & Entrepreneur
Staying on top of my spending has always been an issue for me! Christine’s willingness to share her past mistakes in the Financial Dignity on Demand lessons taught me there’s no shame in learning. Every time I decided NOT to spend money, and put it back in my wallet with respect, was a tangible reminder that I was making progress. Now, I am focused and intentional with my money. I track my expenses daily and have productive conversations with my husband about our prosperity plan. We cash flowed $15,000 medical expense, and just this week paid off over $7,000 in loans/debts! — Melissa C, Business Owner

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